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Improving investment efficiency by using renewable energy sources


Grzeszczyk, Tadeusz A. ; Izdebski, Michał

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investment efficiency ; renewable energy sources ; project evaluation


The reduction of natural resources and the ever increasing demand for energy forces research on new energy sources. In the case of obtaining energy from non-renewable sources of energy, natural resources are used as fuel in the combustion process. This way relatively high calorific value is achieved but it is associated with the number of fundamental flaws. Among other things, this may include destruction of the environment in the vicinity of extraction of conventional fuels’ sources, emission of large amounts of harmful substances during the combustion of conventional fuels causing the pollution of natural environment and there is a danger of life or health loss for people working in the extraction of fossil fuels. The use of renewable energy sources is related to interesting investment opportunities in the energy field and there are no problems mentioned above. For these reasons, it is worthwhile to conduct research on improving investment efficiency by using new, renewable sources. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is showing the opportunities of improving efficiency of electric power investment by using renewable energy sources. This article presents a comprehensive overview of renewable technologies used to produce electricity. Then, the attention was focused on assessing the financial efficiency of wind turbines. The considerations were illustrated with the examples of calculation of financial ratios NPV and IRR for a hypothetical investment in the production of electric power using the wind farm. The calculations and analysis conducted can provide interesting basis for further research on improving electric power investment efficiency by using renewable energy sources and new comprehensive evaluation methods of such investments. Comprehensive evaluation methods should take into consideration multifaceted nature of the projects.


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