Title: 5th ITEE Symposium


Golinska, Paulina

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Globalization and Postmodernity are the two fundaments of changes in Cities. The domain of Globalization is Civilization - the "base" - material/measurable values. 1) Democracy. 2) Liberalism. 3) Equal Human Rights. 4) Tolerance. 5) Progress of transportation and the electronic communication. 6) The revolution in informatics, achievements in digital techniques - for studying and projecting Cities. The domain of Postmodernity is Culture -the "addition", "higher Values": intellectual, spiritual, immeasurable. Popular Postmodern: Views, Lifestyle and Behavior - crisis of eternal Values. Elitist Creative Class with New Dynamism - positive values. Postmodern cult of Beauty concerning: body, clothes, gadgets, vehicles, interiors and houses both dwellings and offices. Therefore - Public Places, Social Spaces, Urban Interiors, surrounding of built environment. Threshold between private versus public domain - motivation/financing. Aesthetic approach in City Design: 1) Beautification of existing Urban Space, 2) Beautiful New Estates in Cities, 3) Beautiful Place for location - the price for Good Address and the cost of The View. Ecological approach: 1) Plants into body of a building: green roofs, Terraces - Gardens, "Vertical Gardens" - walls covered with climbers and lawns. 2) Postmodern City Parks. 3) The Real Ecology in urban/architectural outer space in the edge of Nature - attractive constructions: rainwater catchers, water reservoirs, dust/gas filters, propellers, solar panels, selected dustbins etc. Attitudes towards identity and local tradition in Urban Design: 1) Promoting local individual identity, "regional, patriotic" approach - cultural prestige, "better selling" marketing; 2) Fascination with The New - creating strong Contrast, 3) Compromise. Controversial urban intervention, with the USA flavor: 1) Billboards, 2) Hypermarkets, 3) Condos, 4) Skyscrapers. On this theoretical background, author develops the last sample - skyscrapers as the problem in centers in historical Cities in West Europe and in Poland. Conclusions.


Publishing House of Poznan University of Technology

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Wydział Inżynierii Zarządzania ; Politechnika Poznańska ; Strona czasopisma

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Golinska, Paulina, 5th ITEE Symposium Jun 15, 2015

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