Tytuł: Cloud computing - the Benefits and risks


More and more frequently companies decide to get rid of certain functions of their structures by using outside firms to provide components and services. Outsourcing, very popular in recent years, has the purpose of reducing spendings in departments of a company. However, it this goal achieved? Often, such cost reduction is connected with the dependence of the customer on the supplier - which can, in the long run, globally contribute to raising costs. Will such delegation of certain responsibilities not cause a significant danger of losing its independence and a gradual increase in spendings in such a way that, in a broader perspective, they will be much higher than the costs before outsourcing? What will happen when a company dependent on its supplier or provider wants to pass another or a different company a particular job? Furthermore, if the company management decided to dispense with the services offered by a third party - would we be able to import the data that we receive into any other system? The compilation is an attempt at familiarizing the reader with the meaning of Cloud computing, as well as the concepts directly related to it. An attempt has been made to systemise the knowledge of the subject and present the main premises and hazards that are associated with the implementation of solution.


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