Tytuł: Comparison of logistics indicators as a way of improving efficiency of supply chains


Specifying the efficiency of both individual enterprise and the enterprises belonging to the supply chain is not a simple issue. Reason for this situation can be difficulty to choose the right set of indicators, defining indicators for all enterprises in a variety of ways, establish rules for the exchange of information and the use them by any of the enterprises or inadequate supporting the process by the systems. In this article was taken attempt to develop a process of measurement of indicators and the exchange of information, and prove impact of indicators at improve the effi-ciency logistics supply chains. In first step show areas of logistics, which to be assessed and been proposed a list of indicators to be measured in every area. In addition, open-ended questions were developed to help us assess the analyzed surfaceIs also discussed the process of exchange of information between companies, necessary is support this process by a computer system. In article also identifies the requirements which to be met by system due to the need to regularly generate and transmit values of individual indicators.


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