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Key competences formation and effective support of students mobility at technology faculties: modeling, design and assessment of flexible education concept


Pavlásek, Pavel ; Simonová, Anna ; Koniar, Dušan ; Hargaš, Libor ; Špánik, Pavol ; Uriča, Tomáš ; Prandová, Andrea

Subject and Keywords:

key competences ; flexibility ; mobility ; higher education didactics


The paper brings the results of the current national educational agency project research of effectiveness of the modular didactic cycle with new technologies, methods and forms in student-focused concept through the processing of experimental data of the electronics study program from the period of 2016-2017. Data were collected from contributions kept by the students groups during the preparation phase and also from reflective final phase of the research period. Also, the presented solution and results of the project are directed at the main component of the educational process – the content of education and its compatibility with the technological trends in the actual working environment. The results show that digitization of the learning content and flexibility of design of educational modules with multimedia components are dominant and indicate compatibility with the trends of flexible educational environment. In addition, the results of project illustrates that even the change can be difficult, success can be attained in the most heterogeneous diversification of university education and mobility of graduates of technical universities that will contribute to increase of educational efficiency and will encourage arrival of investments to innovative entrepreneur projects and, mainly, will help national firms to succeed at EU and world market by strengthening of the dominant subject which produces values – the technical field graduate with the key competences for the 21st century needs.


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