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Durability of flexible steel corrugated shell structures - theory and practice

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Archives of Institute of Civil Engineering


Wysokowski, Adam

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flexible steel structures ; durability ; fatigue ; corrosion ; service life


The technical issues described in this paper concern the durability aspects of buried flexible steel structures. It is well known that due to the nature of the bridge loads including buried flexible steel structures, they are particularly exposed to fatigue. Fatigue of steel structures - in this case corrugated steel plates - is closely related to such important parameters as safety and durability, and has direct impact on the service life of these structures. As these issues are very important, they are often analyzed by many research centers, with the present author contributing to the work of many of them. Fatigue reveals itself in the critical phase as fatigue cracks in structural steel, or in the joints. In such critical cases this leads to the exclusion of objects from the service. The fatigue of soil structure around the steel corrugated shell in the structures under analysis should also be taken into account. Fatigue in steel structures intensified by the occurrence of corrosion due to the operating conditions of the structures (negative environmental impact of water) is widespread. According to the author, proper construction of buried flexible steel structures and their maintenance undoubtedly increase the safety of users and extend the service life. At the end on the paper the author describes one of the methods of increasing the durability of shell structures by reinforcing the soil using a geotextile geomembrane.


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