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Organizational conditioning of effectiveness of development projects


Myszewski, Jan M.

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wordsdevelopment ; tactics ; strategy ; human potential ; motivation


Purpose: The subject of considerations are organizational determinants the effectiveness of the development projects. Special attention is paid to increasing activeness of members of the organization, whose informal knowledge on causes of problems may supplement the information processed in the development project. The objective is to identify factors dependent on organization, which influence the effectiveness of project initiated in the event of a development gap.Methodology: System analysis is used to a set of alternative patterns of arrangement of selected aspects of the project. Examined is functional compatibility of patterns with the basic patterns of response to real or potential problems: prevention, correction and/or containment of the impact of the problem. In the analysis is used a general model "MSISI" development project and a model of problems cleaner.Findings: A system of basic factors is distinguished, which determine the terms of cooperation with the project team. It is shown that the choice of a strategy for development based on prevention or correction predetermines the choice of patterns of arranging cooperation of people with the project team, if the project is to be effective.Originality/value: The text enhances the understanding of the conditions that are shaping the readiness of people to cooperate actively in the implementation of development projects and creating an environment supportive for improvement.


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