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Technological innovations in transport industry


Zelenov, Nikolay

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jet engine invention ; containerization ; tanker shipments


Current situation stipulates growing requirements to the efficiency of economic subjects’ performance. Big potential in this direction lies in the rationalization of logistical functions of organization, like: transportation, warehousing, interfunctional and interorganizational coordination, etc. One of the possible ways to rationalize firms’ performance, without any doubt, is industry leaders’ best practices application. However, to switch from the role of the follower to the leader it is essential for the organization to foresee future trends, including the field of effective flow management (logistics). Logistical technologies development was considered as an object of current paper: its main trends analysis and description of technological innovations that have resulted in decreasing of logistical costs in the goods shop cost in the last few decades were investigated. Also author has made a try to perform qualimetric analysis of the logistics technologies under consideration, i.e. to investigate dynamics of characterizing features of the analyzed object with the potential possibility to use these parameters for forecasting of future development trends. Problems of effective operation of two transport types (air and marine) and of several variants of transport-logistical delivery schemes (combined, container, tanker) were covered in the paper, inter alia following technological innovations were analyzed: jet engine invention, containerization and tanker shipments.


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