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Forms of cooperation with the business environment in the process of technology entrepreneurship development


Kozłowski, Remigiusz ; Matejun, Marek

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technology entrepreneurship ; business environment of the enterprises ; high technology enterprises ; inter-organisational ; cooperation ; technological innovations


Technology entrepreneurship is becoming one of the solutions resulting in increased innovativeness and competitiveness of enterprises in the conditions of the so called new economy. It is the process of transformation of an idea into innovation, and it covers the conversion of scientific knowledge into products and services aimed directly at the commercial market. At its basis lies the effective cooperation between the research centres, capital market institutions and business support institutions as well as enterprises. Hence an essential challenge faced by the business entities is the development of appropriate relationships and forms of cooperation with the elements of the business environment, allowing for the efforts of the commercial as well as science and technology spheres to be directed at the creation of innovation with the use of market opportunities and the potential of the dynamic business environment. Therefore the aim of this paper has been set to draw attention to the importance of shaping of appropriate forms of cooperation with the business environment in the process of technology entrepreneurship development. In order to achieve this aim, a case study of MakoLab S.A., enterprise operating in the IT industry has been conducted.


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