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Evaluation of documents’ quality in quality management systems


Grudzień, Łukasz

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documents ; information quality ; process ; procedure ; quality system


The article presents the author's model of evaluation of the quality of documents in quality management systems. Among others, descriptions of processes that provide users with information on the course or completion of a process are used in management systems for purposes of standardization of processes. In relation to the information satiety curve showing that once a certain level of amount of information is achieved, the quality of decisions taken on the basis of such information decreases, a problem arises with defining such an amount of information in a process description, in order to ensure as rational level for control, as possible. To achieve that, the author suggests a model whose main objective is to automate the activities of designating the characteristics of the process description (information quality) for a specific instance of a process. The initial elements of the model are activities of gathering the data on the process's features and the data on information related requirements of the executors of processes. Later on, the socalled information vector, pointing to a given type of description of a process, must be specified. Then, the types of descriptions of processes are linked with homoge-neous groups of processes that were specified on the basis of parameters that characterize processes.


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